It's my blog.

Carcassonne tile counter

A tile counting tool for the boardgame Carcassonne.


A jQuery plugin used to arrange elements in a circle.

FS 4-way jump draw tool

Pulls formations from the 4-way intermediate dive pool until all the formations have been pulled.

Pythagoras calculator

Online tool for calculating the sides of a right triangle.

Resistor tools

Parallel resistor calculator and resistor color code calculator for electronics work.

Rubik's cube

A tutorial site describing the methods I've used, I'm currently using and I'm planning to use when solving the cube.

Week numbers

This site tells you if the ISO standard and American week numbering systems are in sync this year.



My map of the titular XKCD comic.

C64 arcade games cabinet

A few pictures of an arcade games cabinet I built around a Commodore 64.

Fallout 3 terminal hacking tool

You do know the semi-brute-force method, right? Just guess twice, close and reopen the terminal, repeat as necessary.

Hamster NOM

A fictional game from Sluggy Freelance.

Instant Machine Gun

For when you just have to shoot at something with a machine gun right now.


Utterly useless. Unless you need a poseable stick figure. And who doesn't?

The Bingmaster 3000

Handy timer for playing 100 minutes. Which you probably shouldn't be doing.